January 16, 2010
What is the Worst Liberal Democracy in the World?

And what does Iceland have to do with Wikileaks? The first part of a seven part Wikileaks series posted on Youtube is below. Watch the rest by clicking on the window to get to YouTube to watch the rest of the seven part series. And donate today to Wikileaks. The Dragons are waiting on your help to pounce.

If you have information about wrongdoing in your company or your government, go to Wikileaks.org and click on the Secure Submission button to let the story be known to the world. Or click here. The Dragons have the goods on many bad actors but they need your help today. Donate or contribute your corruption documents or your story that will lead to such documents.

The world is waiting and the Dragons are ready to pounce. If you read the site when it was up, you know that they have gathered a huge amount of information on crooks and liars and similar bad actors. My apologies but I couldn’t resist not posting two videos about dragons. The children of the world need your help to make their world a better place than it is today. And Wikileaks can help make it happen if you can help the fierce Dragons do their work. Yes, Virginia, there be Dragons.

Both videos are below.


Posted by Buck Batard at January 16, 2010 02:35 PM
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