January 24, 2010
Meanwhile, Back in the Real World…

As an antidote to the contemptible drivel in my last posting, here’s Joe Bageant (shown below) on the same subject:

…We are all brothers and as such are our brother's keeper. Besides, when I look around me, I do not see a nation of leeches. I see damned few folks getting something for nothing. I see the top dogs, who actually are getting something for nothing, using the bullhorn of media to convince us that one of our brothers and neighbors is getting everything. They would have us believe that the most miserable among us — the poorly educated and those whose souls have been brutalized from birth by the system’s failure to provide the basic security necessary for the development of whole people — are indeed getting something for nothing. And further believe that the most wretched deprived among us are a causal factor in the upcoming and rightful collapse of the overall meanest economic system ever devised. I see an empire of theft and coercion — both of our own people and others around the world in our name — which names the victim as the perp.

And I see a people who no longer feel the bonds of coursing humanity and their species, the sustaining earth under their feet, and beneath whose carpet their eternity waits. Rather I see a people conditioned to believe in the state and obey the state’s designated bosses. And I see the moving hand of the corporate state active in all things from birth to death — opening the eyes of the newly born and closing those of the newly dead. There’s a profit to be made in both, and every human activity in between.

Even those among us who can see, who can observe the hardening condition induced by the enemies of human liberty and well being, feel powerless in the face of this darkening and omniscient order. Despite the quadrennial claims of our political parties during national election years, no savior has arrived and none is coming. No Obama, no miracle of “green science,” no national genius will emerge to lead us. We have only the simple, direct, undeceived intelligence of ordinary men and women to rely upon. We must regain respect for the seemingly meager and often lonely powers an individual does have, and choose work and a way of living upon which we can all rely…



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at January 24, 2010 12:48 PM
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Let's drop out of the system. Get rid of our "Social Security" (lol) numbers. They (the power freaks, the controlers) need us, we don't need them.

Posted by: Jack Reacher on January 24, 2010 1:42 PM


My computer was hacked in the wee hours of the morning by a rogue anti-virus program, "Internet Security 2010."


Don't let it happen to you or your friends, and if it does be aware of how to handle it

Posted by: karen marie on January 24, 2010 2:43 PM

I always wondered as a young adult and into college what would have happened had I lived in Germany during the reign of Hitler. I concluded that I would have retired off to a farm somewhere digging potatoes or ditches or something useful to those around me but useless to the war machine. Although that's just dreaming of doing right. Actually pulling it off is harder.

And I know the feeling of being a cog in an authoritarian machine, similar to the ones described by Kafka, that eventually robs you of of your desire to work. One would never know now that in high school I and had saved 5 grand by the time I went off to college. I usually had three or four jobs in high school and worked 20-30 hours a week during my college years, driving 50 miles to home to deliver a rural newspaper to farmers on Sunday when the mail didn't come.

Heck, if you count all that time up, and the sacrifices including forced vacations due to the stress of one job, I ought to be able to draw retirement as I've put in as much time as many people who worked for the state and got fat pensions (and most I know grumbled while doing it). But that's not in the cards for me.

My mistake was getting into the tawdry business of law, not unlike the tawdry business of government. But time is running short and I will be working again soon, they just better not ask me to compromise morally because I've done that enough for a lifetime.

As to the previous post regarding hackers, yes it happens but just ignore it unless they're breaking your OS. Then just gather the evidence, perhaps with the help of an expert or advice from a lawyer. Then find a lawyer who is versed in forensic computer law. All ships eventually come into port and yours will too when you have the evidence to nail them unless they're our Homeland Security folks wasting time on useless and unnecesary and ultimately fruitless endeavors.

Joe's got a good idea though. I was always taking of Pete Seeger's song Guantanamero and his translation of the words of Jose Marti' in one part to "with the poor people of this earth I want to share my fate", "Con los pobros de la tierra". Joe seems to be doing that. I envy him but I remember when he was so testy and jumpy when he was working in the DC area that it was hard to express to others how angry he was at the country and at Bush, although his early writing experessing that frustration put him on what would called a journey "Bound for Glory". He is not only enjoying himself now, but doing what he loves best which is helping others. Try to emulate that. I've started to do that more and more in my community and hope to be able to continue to do so, although it's easy not to do as much as you should. Martha Bridegam is one of our readers who has been doing the same for years. Ubuntu has the best logging capabilties so you can watch as non machine actions take place, so if you can get that going, you can see the activity quite often, although most of it is done by machines but there are occasional odd comments and strange things as they obviously aren't prepared for Unix in these parts and can't hack it well. Good luck. Just remember to keep your evidence offsite in a secure undisclosed location. Don't ask Dick Cheney for advice. And there are administrators who go into your machine and under license agreements can do so. So that kind of hacker may be legal although I wonder how enforceable those kinds of contracts are as the reasonable expectation of privacy would at least preclude government agents of all kinds from entering the machine. Perhaps not so with software vendors. You should ask someone who's been keeping up with the BOINC project, including some of what's happened in that program that has not been put on the web. Incidentally, BOINC Is a good way to help others. But limit your help to malariacontrol.net

They're good guys. Other projects - but not all - not so much.

But don't get the idea that you shouldn't pay your taxes. You should. Just consult an expert to make sure you're doing whatever reporting you need to be doing if you go underground,.

Posted by: Buck on January 24, 2010 3:38 PM

Jack Reacher is bad enough as a fictional character.

Posted by: Joyful Alternative on January 27, 2010 10:43 PM
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