January 16, 2010
Hard Hittin’s Song Series - Are we there yet Ma?

Thanks to Common Dreams and Sara Robinson who reminds us about fascism and how a country arrives there and where we are on that road and what to do about it :

We’ve arrived. We are now parked on the exact spot where our best experts tell us full-blown fascism is born. Every day that the conservatives in Congress, the right-wing talking heads, and their noisy minions are allowed to hold up our ability to govern the country is another day we’re slowly creeping across the final line beyond which, history tells us, no country has ever been able to return.

Woody reminds of of an earlier time. And goads us into moving in the direction of light and sunshine. But will we before it’s too late?

Ma, that’s not where we want to go.


Posted by Buck Batard at January 16, 2010 04:48 AM
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My apologies to anyone who clicked on the third link in this post and found the same link as the previous one. It's fixed now.

Posted by: Buck on January 16, 2010 12:51 PM
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