December 09, 2009
Wingnuts & Acorns

Papa Bonk nails the faux reporters who made those supposedly horrendous videos of Acorn workers supposedly breaking the law. Turns out, as you probably suspected all along, that these sleazy provocateurs jiggered and faked the interviews out of all recognition. We can expect no less from the party that Swift-boated Vietnam hero John Kerry for being wounded with insufficiently large shrapnel.


There were a number of small lies, but the biggest one was the pretext for the discussions with the ACORN employees. The videos would have you believe the white people were asking for help in finding a place where they could open a whore house. In fact, the white people were claiming that they wanted to find a place of their own where she would be safe from her extremely violent pimp. They did indicate that she would continue to ply her trade as an independent. The young gentleman of the duo was not posing as a pimpů even though he gave that impression by posing in the intro to the videos in outrageous pimp gearů but as a law student who wanted to help out his lover.

Thus, to the ACORN employees, the duo appeared to be a somewhat eccentric young couple in need of a first time home buyer loan. To get the loan, they needed to have an income, and a lot of the discussion was that the young woman, who provided the income, should be filing income tax returns. The ACORN employees correctly told the woman that the nature of her business was not relevant to the IRS, which only wanted the taxes, and not relevant to the lender, whose primariy interest is in how the loan is to be repaid. In fact, the ACORN employees counseled both young people that they should find a more legitimate way to make a living. (And in lieu of that, the girl should save for the day when she was too old to work.)



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at December 09, 2009 02:54 PM
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