November 06, 2009
The Last Leaf


Photo by Michael Doolittle


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at November 06, 2009 06:06 PM
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I can make a hundred analogies from that picture about the current state of affairs. But I prefer instead to enjoy the picture and know that winter will arrive, it may be hard and tough, but renewal will eventually come. We can only hope that the forest in the background does not end up looking like what so many landscapes changed by the horror of war have looked like.

Spring will be here soon enough, the birds, if they are here will sing songs for us if we take the time to listen to them. We know the world will outlast man, no matter what horrors he may choose to bring into the world in the meantime. I would like to think that the world and that last leaf have had enough of war and the devastation it has brought to this world.

If we watch and listen hard enough, we know now that we humans collectively are the enemy of nature, at least for now. If only the birds and the insects and all the other living creatures could band together to make us stop the madness maybe we would change the world for the better. But special places of nature still abound and we who can appreciate nature all have our own way to get away from the world, at least those of us who appreciate what it can tell us and who are lucky enough to be able to get to those special places. When I am down and depressed I return to my love of the writing of Thoreau and his famous work Walden that I became enthralled with in my youth, and then I often go to my own special place, where man does not appear to intrude on nature, at least for now.

The last leaf will fall. But life will continue on. With or without us. The leaf, if it has gained the wisdom of the ages already knows that. Its time too will come, but perhaps it hangs on despite its inevitable future, and tries to make sense of what will eventually happen to it as well and in the meantime tries to tell us to give something to this world and make it a better place than it was before we arrived.

We, like that leaf, will eventually return to the earth in some form or another. But while the leaf is here, we see that all of the works of nature provides something special for all of us if we just take the time to look to see the beauty it, like every part and parcel of nature contains. Maybe the leaf is trying to tell us something.

Thanks for the wonderful picture Michael. And thanks for seeing the beauty of the world in that last leaf. Perhaps for you, like many, the last leaf needs no words to tell its story And maybe that is a better way to see your wonderful picture and the wisdom therein after all.

Posted by: Buck on November 7, 2009 8:49 AM
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