October 19, 2009
The Planet They Live On

The snippets below are from a survey of the Right of the Right, carried out by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research. Not much you didn’t know, perhaps, but the words are often interesting even if the tune is familiar.

Most fascinating to me was the way the respondents talked about President Obama himself. They thought he was a socialist, Manchurian candidate control freak, sure. But it kept peeping through that they couldn’t help respecting and admiring the guy — maybe even liking him. Most peculiar, Obama…

For the complete text, download file.

The conservative Republican base represents almost one in five voters in the electorate, and nearly two out of every three self-identified Republicans…

Asked about the issues of greatest importance to them in choosing a candidate for Congress, health care ranked sixth among the Republicans, below issues such as tax cuts, immigration, and a candidate’s personal values and faith; but for the independents, health care was number one…

I think it is another media attack on people who have views other than their own… It almost makes you think they are trying to create some kind of a divide… Tearing us up. Fabrication to prove the point that they want to prove that may or may not be truth. It is relative to their need to get a headline and they are stupid if they think we’re not seeing this stuff. They’re stupid if they think we’re so stupid.

There’s a school of thought that if you overload the system with programs and bailouts and all that, that it will create an opportunity, some people believe it started in the 60’s with welfare and Medicare and Medicaid; if you load the system down enough till it totally collapses it, I mean, I know it sounds kind of like a conspiracy theory, but it opens the door for this whole new way of governing. I’m not saying he’s a sleeper or anything like that, but it is something to think about…

I think [Glenn Beck’s] brilliant. No one goes after him because he does his homework. He checks, double checks, triple checks and he says he refuses to put it on the air unless it’s been checked a hundred different times. So when you can’t get at him, you start calling him names and start digging into his past.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 19, 2009 04:22 PM
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I'm not so sure about the folks at those focus groups not being racists. I lived in the South a long time and there are quite a few of them. Not all of them that want to fly the Confederate flag in front of the Capital, but a fair number of them. But in polite company they know not to speak racist language. But go to the right bars or country stores and as soon as the high falutin folks leave, they'll start up. But the worst racists are really disgusting, to everyone including what I call the lesser racists. Those are rare.

But I do have a belief that in one or two generations if things keep improving in the South, we might be rid of the problem. But the Republican party has kept us from moving forward. In my college yearbook it was stated that the Confederate flag would probably soon be removed off the SC State House dome. That was in 1976. But no one thinks that now. And it's the Republicans through their vicious Nixon strategy who've kept racism alive in the South.

What really surprised me is what I see here in Carville's Alabama. And it revolves around the idea that the people on welfare are the reason they have to pay taxes.

The most aggravating ones are the characters who have a job in the Federal Government. And they gripe about welfare because that's why their taxes are so high they constantly moan on the newspaper message boards. And only those black folks in Harrisburg or Philadelphia receive it you see. They really believe that. Because they're proud of being dittoheads. Which is Rush Limbaugh's denigrating way to refer to people who won't think for themselves but let someone else do it for them. I truly believe Rush knows what he's doing and he thinks the dittoheads are an inside joke that only he and a few of his rich buddies are in on.

Many of these dittohead high school graduates earn twice or three times the prevailing wage in their military jobs, but some of them think there should be NO taxes. As if the money in their paycheck comes from some magic tree.

Posted by: Buck on October 20, 2009 4:50 PM
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