October 23, 2009
The Golden Age of Orotundity

Not for nothing is Mitch McConnell not known as the Silver Tongued Orator of the Platte. (From Dana Milbank of the Washington Post.)

These speeches, about 44,000 words in all, test the outer limits of human stamina. Ninety-four times he warned of the evils of a “government-run” system, according to a Washington Post analysis. Forty-seven times he warned of a “government takeover” of the same. Fourteen times he railed against the Democrats’ nefarious “experiment.” Thirty-seven times he spoke the phrases “higher taxes” or “raise taxes,” and at least 19 times he used the words “slash Medicare” or “Medicare cuts.”

Perhaps more accurate than saying that McConnell gave 50 health-care speeches would be saying that McConnell gave the same health-care speech 50 times, with minor changes. And this in itself is a major achievement: Only a disciplined and well-conditioned public orator could repeat himself so often without injury.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 23, 2009 10:22 AM
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