September 09, 2009
Milkroom Door

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Posted by Jerome Doolittle at September 09, 2009 10:58 AM
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We used to get it from the dairy for a dollar a gallon jug in the 1970's if I remember correctly, with cream rising to the top in a few hours. And we considered that a bargain. How much harder is it on the farmers now? I'm sure it hasn't risen with the cost of everything else because I see what the pasteurized kind costs at the grocery store and that hasn't kept up with the light bill and the insurance bill and the doctor bill and everything else that's not in the trinket category. Everything in the trinket category has gotten cheaper. I wonder why that is (he says with a wry smile).

And even though we have a dairy one block down from us now, the PA enforcers have made it a crime for the farmers to sell it to people who want it the way people used to drink it years ago.

So we both now have osteoarthritis and it's not getting better for either of us. A thousand in medical bills for mine alone last month plus the monthly $325 insurance cost. I often wonder if I'd have these degenerated disks had I been drinking that milk all these years. It sure tasted good, but back then the doctors all said the cholesterol was bad for you. And margarine was good.

So now I just nurse a bad back until the next spinal injection so I can keep on walking. And I once was the 8 year old kid they put on the milk commercial on the kids show on a Saturday morning to showcase the "healthy child who drinks our milk". That was on one of those trips to the city of Augusta GA though - it didn't taste as good as the real stuff we had in the country even then.

Posted by: Buck on September 10, 2009 5:14 PM
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