June 21, 2009
Monsters II

Already our education in the world of monster trucks progresses. Ten Bears comments that the truck in the first picture of the series wasn’t a truck at all, but actually a 1956 Chevy Belair with really big wheels.

Mike answers that the truth is more complicated. Since monster trucks lead a hard and short life, they are topped with disposable plexiglass “bodies” that can look like anything you want.

The picture below gives you the idea. In this case the owner made a shell that looks like a pickup body, and then defaced it with the team sponsor’s logo. When this one gets smashed up they’ll just bolt on another, cast from the same mold.

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Posted by Jerome Doolittle at June 21, 2009 01:53 PM
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We so many similar types of vehicles on the road around these parts. The more rural the area, the more of them you see.

I've known by recognition but not closely some of the drivers of smaller styles of these vehicles. They drive real "on the road" trucks that they jack up ridiculously and put huge tires on them and the might ride into a muddy area occasionally when they're out hunting or whatever. But mostly they drive them on the highways. Does anyone know if any safety studies of the "on the road" types of types of these vehicles have been conducted? These can't possibly be safe to other drivers on the road, or that's my immediate reaction to seeing one of these of the road. Is there any evidence to back that up?

As an aside, some tinkerering cab driver in Cuba could have used the parts off of that Chevy Belair. I'm always amazed at the ingenuity of the Cubans in keeping up the old American cars that were there before the Cuban Revolution took place. But then I'm an old car guy. All of mine are over ten years old and all have been repainted at least once.

But I've got a buddy who's got one of those recent Toyota Prius models and he gets 50mpg on it. He tells me the latest 2009 ones out have solar panels in the roof to run the AC that can be turned on before you get back in the car or to top off the battery while you're parked in the hot sun. At some point I'll have to have an electric or hybrid, probably out of necessity.

I understand Toyota dramatically underestimated the demand for these even in Japan and there are waiting lists in Japan of at least a hundred thousand people for the lastest 2009 or 2010 model. If our car manufacturers had only been listening to the more enlightened souls than me that inhabit this blog and elsewhere in the liberal blogosphere, they'd probably be solvent. If "Detroit" put quality into a good hybrid, they'd be selling them like hotcakes now because Toyota can't make enough of them. I'm just waiting to "stack" my three "clunkers" and trade them in on an electric car. But I'm betting they won't let me do that. They'll probably only allow one trade in per new car. And thus I won't be parting with but one of my old but "cream puff condition" clunkers, the oldest of which gets the best mileage.

Too bad our lousy township managers here in Cental PA aren't making an effort to bring us light rail that would give us easy access to Philadelphia and also probably bring us a host of well educated, well paid new residents. But they're too busy catering to the trucking industry to even listen to the local group fighting to get them to fund a light rail system. I think we should vote to require the township managers to ride in one of the smaller hot rodded trucks that look like these. They could then "keep on truckin" right out of the county as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by: Buck on June 21, 2009 9:36 PM

Mike's point was well taken, though mine allegory. Back when I was still employed - college instructor, IT support hero - and therefore not a "blogger" I tried to point out to those around me that the ascendancy of NASCAR and sundry gladiatorial motor sports coincident with the ascendancy of the Cheney administration is the most egregious example of a consumptive society gone well past the point of common sense. Consider the amount of petroleum products consumed in but one "race": not just the fuel consumed during the event but that in getting the vehicles and crews to and from the venue, that which to take the spectators motor homes, all generally towing an equally gas-guzzling vehicle, the transport of "food" and beer, the media with attendant aircraft, law enforcement... the list oft defies catalog.

And here in the Housing Hurricane, the sweetheart of this past Thursday's front-page of the NY Times, where real men - Loggers, Buckaroos and Millrats - have used practical pickups for practical purpose all of our lives, these Baby Monster Trucks are a status symbol for our recent well-healed emigres from points generally south, affluent bitches and peckerless peckerheads driving Jacked-Up De-Engineered Suburban Assault Vehicles with the Hood Icon a Perfect Rendition of the Human Female Reproductive System are often, rudely, hollared at, depending on the gender of the driver, "every inch its "lifted" is an inch you don't have, boy", or "if 'ya can't drive the freaking thing maybe 'ya oughta park it"... oh right, that's what 'yur trying to do.

Stupidest Spectator Sport Ever.

Posted by: Ten Bears on June 22, 2009 6:15 AM
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