May 07, 2009
Jesus Loves Him, This We Know…

For the rest of the story:

In all, 98 detainees have died while in U.S. hands, with 34 identified as homicides, at least eight of which were tortured to death…

“Abed Hamed Mowhoush [was] a former Iraqi general beaten over days by U.S. Army, CIA and other non-military forces, stuffed into a sleeping bag, wrapped with electrical cord, and suffocated to death,” Human Rights First writes. “In the recently concluded trial of a low-level military officer charged in Mowhoush’s death, [Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer] received a written reprimand, a fine, and 60 days with his movements limited to his work, home, and church.”



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at May 07, 2009 02:37 PM
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I had forgotten that the murdered general had turned himself in to the kindly Americans not long before. Makes it even more horrible. In all this discussion of just following orders, nobody seems to ask what would have happened to the torturer or murderer if he hadn't followed those "orders"? Transfer, maybe. A bad efficiency report. Or more likely nothing. This isn't to say that the Bybees and the Bushes and the Cheneys should be spared punishment. But everybody on down the line is guilty too.

Posted by: Hair Shirt on May 8, 2009 12:39 PM

From "Masters of War": Even Jesus would never forgive what you do.

Posted by: Joyful Alternative on May 8, 2009 7:39 PM

When it came out that we had accepted torture at the highest levels of our government, I was tormented. I knew that the gig was up, that America as a great nation would no longer exist. And even though I also knew that we as a nation had done terrible things many times in our past including CIA horrors (Tony Poe is a good example), we had never done so officially, except for Indian treatment, Japanese internment of Americans during WWII and worst of all for slavery, which our government entered into a war within the nation itself to end the problem. Will this happen again? Will torture lead us down the dark road to total fascism? I'm still horrified at the thoughts that it might come true, and Obama isn't helping the situation. If we don't punish those at the top who engaged in these criminal activities, then the decline and fall of America is pretty much ensured. They will eventually be back in power again. At times I feel that I should join the Republican party (but secretly vote as a Democrat) to make the case against torture and to help end the right wing fascists who control the party now.

Posted by: Buck on May 8, 2009 8:22 PM
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