May 14, 2009
America’s Fascist Youth Organization

When I was growing up, my father was an itinerant worker in that we moved around a fair amount, from small town to small town in the South. During those years, Strom Thurmond was busily courting Northern companies to come down South and because my father was an engineer with a local utility, managers who were engineers were needed in different areas to build out the electrical infrastructure for the new factories moving into the South.

In one town we lived in, Allendale, South Carolina, I joined the Cub Scouts, a nice group of boys whose den mother was the wife of a local lawyer. However, when we moved to another town my parents wanted me to join the Boy Scouts there and at the first meeting upon arriving, I found boys beating other boys with belts and that was the end of the Boy Scouts for me.

However, I still had good memories of my previous years spent at the lawyer’s house doing crafts and on trips we'd make out of town, like the time we visited a television station in a distant town and I was chosen to be the TV poster child for the milk company by tasting the milk on a television show and giving my opinion. I don’t think they were happy with this seven year old’s answer: “pretty good” — however the milk we had at home was as close to raw milk as it gets so the city milk they were having me taste me wasn’t up to my local standards at that time. It didn't help that the next kid picked got to try the ice cream, but I suppose I had the healthy look that milk producers wanted. So my memories of the Boy Scouts were largely positive in my youth.

However, I don’t recognize the Boy Scouts today as it appears they’ve turned into an American version of the Nazi youth in their Explorer program according to this New York Times article. A short quote from the article follows. Now go read the rest. Can you think of anything more sickening than darkening the minds of our youth by indoctrinating them into ideological fascism that many will live with for the rest of their lives?

...[T]he more than 2,000 law enforcement posts across the country are the Explorers’ most popular, accounting for 35,000 of the group’s 145,000 members, said John Anthony, national director of Learning for Life. Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many posts have taken on an emphasis of fighting terrorism and other less conventional threats.

“Before it was more about the basics,” said Johnny Longoria, a Border Patrol agent here. “But now our emphasis is on terrorism, illegal entry, drugs and human smuggling.”

The law enforcement posts are restricted to those ages 14 to 21 who have a C average, but there seems to be some wiggle room. “I will take them at 13 and a half,” Deputy Lowenthal said. “I would rather take a kid than possibly lose a kid.”

The law enforcement programs are highly decentralized, and each post is run in a way that reflects the culture of its sponsoring agency and region. Most have weekly meetings in which the children work on their law-enforcement techniques in preparing for competitions. Weekends are often spent on service projects

One commenter at the New York Times slyly asks a question that might very well lead to litigation against the Scouts and police agencies involved in this “training”

There is no mention of gays being allowed to participate in this program, contrary to Boy Scout policy? If gays are not allowed to participate, or even encouraged to participate like everyone else in this program, it’s illegal for a dime of state or federal funds to be spent on police officer time spent in support of this program. As it should be.This being the case, I assume all police or other law enforcement time and resources are donated and have no impact on tax payers?



Posted by Buck Batard at May 14, 2009 08:37 AM
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And what about girls? Where oh where shall our budding Coulters and Riefenstahls receive their training?

Posted by: Martha Bridegam on May 14, 2009 1:56 PM

Well, presumbably that would be the Girl Scouts founded by Juliet Gordon Lowe. However, seeing that the Girl Scouts annually make treks to the home of their founder and the national headquarters in Savannah, Georgia, a very progressive town in the South, it seems unlikely that they would care to join in the madness. Savannah is also home to the Savannah School or Art and Design and is a delightful city to visit, partly because it was made famous by two enjoyable movies inspired by book of the same names, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Forrest Gump and also because of its history and the culture of artists and artisans who live there. Only Charleston SC is a more progressive Southern city, although you must take that with a grain or two of salt since I was born in Charleston and am biased towards that city, which has had the same Democratic mayor for about 30 years.

However, I am sure Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter must probably have something up their sleeves if they have not already infiltrated the Girl Scouts and have made progress in the direction of moving that organization to fascism, much like the IRD has been attempting to do in mainline Protestant Churches, which as I have said before, as a group totally oppose torture slightly more than Atheists as a group do. My apologies to the Atheists who blog here, but the facts are there to support that statement.

Posted by: Buck on May 14, 2009 3:00 PM

No problem, folks. There's something here for everybody. The Times story says that the Explorers are a "coeducational affiliate" of the Scouts. You go girl!

Posted by: Aitch Jay on May 14, 2009 4:17 PM

I think the boy scouts have always been meant as an indoctrination program of sorts. I dont find it surprising that they are visitting law enforcement. It's always been a conservative, nationalistic organization. It is Boy Scouts of America, after all. The original focus was rural skills for a rural country, now it is moving toward empire skills for the empire.

I think I personally quit the thing before I made Weebelow (sp?), due to the cub scouts having nothing to do with outdoorsy stuff, even back in the seventies.

Anyhow, why anyone would care to punish law enforcement budgets (and by extention, the taxpayer) for teaching kids how law enforcement functions is beyond me. Besides, isnt there some protections now for faith-based orgs benefitting from this sort of thing? BSA is faith-based.

Posted by: DPirate on May 14, 2009 11:35 PM

The Boy Scouts were started in England. There's a Baden Powell Lane near where I live. So when I Googled to check my memory, which has made a fool of me one too many times, #1 is "Boy Scouts Train for Badge in Anti-Terrorism."

An excerpt:
"Dressed in combat fatigues and armed with air guns firing tiny plastic pellets, they are taught how to assault buses, raid marijuana fields and rescue terrorist hostages from buildings."

But I wanted to answer DPirate, who is correct that this will all be declared illegal when somebody calls them on it, and there will be much shrill indignation.

The City of Philadelphia had long leased a nice downtown building to the Boy Scouts for a dollar a year. The city offered the local Boy Scout council a lot of opportunities to separate themselves from the homophobic national council and declare themselves gay-friendly or at least gay-neutral per city laws. After a couple of years, the city finally evicted the Boy Scouts, accompanied by much rending of garments by the general public and no concern for boys shut out (or forced to lie) because they are not conventionally religious or are gay.

Posted by: Joyful Alternative on May 15, 2009 3:40 PM
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