April 23, 2009
Treaty-busting for Fun and Profit

The Rude Pundit is shocked, shocked— You can tell because he got through an entire paragraph without potty-mouthing.

But what doesn’t come through immediately is the answer to a simple question: why? Why did the Bush administration commit and allow (and encourage, if not force others to commit) what are, seemingly without a doubt, treaty-busting crimes? Because, see, you read something like footnote 10 on page 2 and you come across this line: “According to Gonzales, the ‘positive’ consequences of setting aside the Third Geneva Convention include ‘preserving flexibility’ and ‘substantially reduc[ing] the threat of domestic criminal prosecution under the War Crimes Act,’” and you realize that, whatever the motivation of the people involved, they didn’t care. And they didn’t care for a simple reason to answer that simple question: the Bush administration thought it was the beginning of an ascendant Republican reign and that they’d never be investigated.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at April 23, 2009 12:11 PM
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Yes, their whole program was predicated on a Permanent Republican Majority, which they were confident of because they controlled not only the media but the voting machines and the courts.

They didn't count on the blogs...

Posted by: Mahakal on April 23, 2009 12:35 PM

Today's Wall Street Journal states,"Legal barriers to prosecuting Bush-era officials over alleged torture would be substantial, legal experts said Wednesday. Here is the link to the article by John D. McKinnon: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124044244367645471.html

There is no mention of who the so called "legal experts" might be or what "legal barriers" they are referring to. I do so love political organs masquerading as newspapers, where would we be without blogs? Oblivion, I fear.

Posted by: knowdoubt on April 23, 2009 1:50 PM
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