March 05, 2009
Dunno What Made Me Think of This…

In the following bit Gibbon is discussing the German emperors from Charlemagne for about four centuries, and their intent to expand southward. But it was also relevant to England’s situation in Gibbon’s time; Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire was published between 1776 and 1789.

There is nothing perhaps more adverse to nature and reason than to hold in obedience remote countries and foreign nations, in opposition to their inclination and interest. A torrent of barbarians may pass over the earth, but an extensive empire must be supported by a refined system of policy and oppression; in the centre, an absolute power, prompt in action and rich in resources; a swift and easy communication with the extreme parts; fortifications to check the first effort of rebellion; a regular administration to protect and punish; and a well-disciplined army to inspire fear, without provoking discontent and despair.
Posted by Chuck Dupree at March 05, 2009 03:50 AM
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I can't imagine what would make you think of that either, ruined a perfectly good start of a day. I don't suffer assaults on my delusions of American grandeur and perfection with equanimity. Get up on the other side next time. I need something that allows me to get thru the day without the sense that things are collapsing around me. You owe me a feel good story, see what you can come up with. Thanks.

Posted by: on March 5, 2009 6:41 AM
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