February 04, 2009
The Great Bush Con: Chapter 1,206

Another Bush League bait-and-switch operation, brought to you courtesy of the xenophobic /racist wing (is there any other?) of the GOP?

The raids on homes around the country were billed as carefully planned hunts for dangerous immigrant fugitives, and given catchy names like Operation Return to Sender.

And they garnered bigger increases in money and staff from Congress than any other program run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, even as complaints grew that teams of armed agents were entering homes indiscriminately.

But in fact, beginning in 2006, the program was no longer what was being advertised. Federal immigration officials had repeatedly told Congress that among more than half a million immigrants with outstanding deportation orders, they would concentrate on rounding up the most threatening criminals and terrorism suspects.

Instead, newly available documents show, the agency changed the rules, and the program increasingly went after easier targets. A vast majority of those arrested had no criminal record, and many had no deportation orders against them, either.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at February 04, 2009 12:12 PM
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The one thing about the GOP is their consistency in praying on the people who have the least or no opportunity to confront these atacks on their welfare. Just like the cuts that have been proposed in the stimulus package, many of these people are not even aware of what the GOP is actually depriving them of. When it comes to my low expectations of their behaviour is, "they haven't let me down yet"

Posted by: lahru on February 5, 2009 6:35 PM
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