January 01, 2009
The Future of the Republican Party

From today’s New York Times:

[South Carolina Governor Mark] Sanford, a wealthy real estate investor, is often mentioned as a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2012, in part because he is seen as an exemplary adherent of the party’s low-government, antispending philosophy. He recently wrote an op-ed article in the Wall Street Journal saying he was opposed to a “bailout” for states…

Mr. Sanford once carried two piglets onto the floor of the House chamber to symbolize his opposition to what he considered wasteful spending. One of the piglets promptly defecated; lawmakers were not amused. Indeed, though Republicans dominate both chambers, they have overriden hundreds of his vetoes on spending over the years, including, in one recent session, money to expand children’s health insurance, indigent defense, and to provide cost-of-living adjustments for retired state employees.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at January 01, 2009 12:25 PM
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"Just hours before the unemployment benefits fund was to run out in South Carolina, the state with the nation’s third-highest jobless rate, Gov. Mark Sanford relented Wednesday and agreed to apply for a $146 million federal loan to shore it up, after weeks of refusing to do so."

WHAT a douche.

Posted by: chrisanthemama on January 1, 2009 12:48 PM

Not only that, he's been promoting school vouchers for quite some time. Sanford's ultimate intent is to eliminate schools altogether so that only those who can pay to go to school can do so. That is the philosophy of Milton Friedman and almost certainly the philosophy of the Governor, judging from the people he hangs around with.

A Republican named Howard Rich from New York has been pouring money into South Carolina into the waiting hands of Mark Sanford and his acolytes.

Sanford and Mulvaney have both received campaign contributions from New York real estate developer and private school voucher advocate Howard Rich.

“It should come as no surprise that the New York money governor has come to the aid of the New York money legislator. Mark Sanford and Mick Mulvaney have gladly cashed the checks of private school voucher advocates, like Mr. Rich, and done their bidding in Columbia," said SC Senate Democratic Caucus Director Phil Bailey. “Mr. Mulvaney represents the cash-for-favor system that is crushing progress in South Carolina. The voters of York and Lancaster counties would be better served by an independent voice and a real South Carolinian.”


"a state judge in Great Falls, Mont., found "a pervasive and general pattern of fraud" in the gathering of signatures for three ballot measures aimed at reining in government power.

"A number of paid out-of-state signature gatherers used bait-and-switch tactics to fraudulently induce countless Montanans to sign petitions other than the petitions they thought they were signing," wrote Judge Dirk M. Sandefur.

The ruling has been appealed to the Montana Supreme Court. Nearly all of the money for signature gatherers came from Montanans in Action, which declines to reveal its donors.

Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D) has said that Rich is bankrolling the measures and has challenged him to debate their merits. Rich has not responded to this request nor to a similar debate offer from Gov. Ted Kulongoski (D) of Oregon, where Rich's money has been instrumental in putting a spending-cap initiative on the ballot.


Why is Governor Sanford accepting so much money from a known sponsor of ballot fraud attempts which have been ruled to be illegal by a court? Not only could they be engaging in similar activities in South Carolina, judging from the track record here, they probably have.

But South Carolina is in terrible financial trouble now. According to CNN Money, SC is 4th from the bottom on a list that measures unemployment in each state. This is what six years of the rule of Mark Sanford has done for the citizens of SC. They are near the bottom of the list and below Mississippi, Louisiana Alabama and all the other Southern states. Last in the South and the Governor was attempting to not allow South Carolinians to get needed unemployment benefits. His stewardship has caused terrible losses for the citizens of South Carolina. It used to be unimaginable. South Carolina - in last place in the South. I don't think you'll see him on the Presidential ballot. Not with this record.

And I can't imagine that South Carolinians would continue to vote Republican in any case with the record that you see here. Let's hope that they're more intelligent than that.

Posted by: Buck on January 1, 2009 6:29 PM
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