January 28, 2009
60 Minutes and Tectonic Plates

John Miller sends along the 60 Minutes piece, below, on the illegal land grabs by Israeli settlers that imperil a two-state solution in Israel. Any of you who missed this report on Sunday (as I did) wonít want to compound your error.

Itís almost inconceivable that a major network would have broadcast a show this even-handed a year ago. Totally inconceivable before that, as anyone who remembers the lock-step pro-Israel coverage of the 2000 Intifada will appreciate.

Faint tremors are being heard in the MSM on the Israel question, then ó hints perhaps of a slow tectonic shift just starting. I donít understand why this should be.

Itís true that the President has shown signs of not necessarily believing that Israelís interests are indistinguishable from ours: the early calls to Arab leaders, the rapid appointment of George Mitchell, the interview with Al Jazeera, the language of his inaugural speech.

But the noticeable (if partial) shift in the media toward seeing the Arab side of the question began with Israelís invasion of Gaza, when George W. Bush was still president and there was no compelling reason to think that Obamaís Middle-Eastern policy would be much different.

So Iím mystified. If youíre not, letís hear it.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at January 28, 2009 02:53 PM
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