December 30, 2008
Trailer for The Shock Doctrine

One normally thinks of a trailer as a modest form of housing that can be towed on wheels which depreciates in value, or the introduction to a film. However, Naomi Klein has produced a short trailer introduction to her book, which appears below. She also had made available a number of videos in which she is interviewed about The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism which follows this discussion and a few more good links that would be helpful for those reading the book or those who are deciding on whether to purchase or borrow it from the local library.

As I read about nation after nation which has been convinced or forced to adopt the free market principles of Milton Friedman, I am struck by the huge gulf between the haves and the have-nots created when this economic plan is put into place. I am somewhat familiar with the situation in Chile as my niece is married to a Chilean. His family, although very well educated, barely scrapes by.

Most of these countries have a very small middle class. A very large percentage of the population of the countries that have adopted the Friedman plan are poor and a small few are very, very wealthy. Klein also has created her own website for the book, in which she takes on arguments, often lies, created by the likes of the Cato Institute, which deny the facts stated in the book.

Cato Crackheads insist that the countries which adopt the Friedman economic model are better off than they were under Keynesian or socialist economic plans. Iceland just went under. Which Scandinavian country will be next? I hope none. The Milton Friedman model is always held up by these True Believers as the best economic plan ever created, which this book proves beyond any doubt is not true.

As I continue to read through the book, I am struck by the parallels between many South American, Asian, African, and Eastern European countries which have been devastated by the Friedman plan and what George Bush has been trying and succeeding in getting away with in the United States. If these ideologues are allowed to succeed in adopting the Friedman economic plan in the United States, say goodbye to the middle class in this country.

Not that it hasn’t already happened to millions of Americans and not that George Bush was not successful in partially causing it to happen, as were Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Let us hope that although we have driven ourselves as a nation practically into bankruptcy, there is still some hope of rolling back what George W. Bush did to America during the long and tragic eight years he was in power.

And I continue to read the book slowly, as we just sold our old home and I have been embarking on many errands to get this one insulated and ready for the next small shock wave that is coming, the rising utility bills that we will see shortly.

The trailer for the book follows. If you have not read this book, which I consider a Klein masterpiece, I urge you to do so now. The way you think about the world we live in may be changed forever for the better. I am now able to understand things that are happening in the world that previously made no sense to me or which I could not properly interpret.


Posted by Buck Batard at December 30, 2008 06:26 AM
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