November 28, 2008
Why I Hate Christmas

From reelecting George Bush, who advised the nation in a time of war to go shopping, to today’s killing of a Wal-Mart store worker by a crazed mob seeking bargains at Wal-Mart, or a Toys-R-Us fight, possibly by two parents over a toy, ending with both parents killing each other, Americans crazed penchant for consumer goods is killing us and has been killing us for at least 25 years. This year, why not buy your child some books and read to them if they're not able to on their own. If they can, buy them books to expand their minds. But don’t get too caught up in the Bible, at least don’t take it all literally as history proves that engaging in that activity also ends up killing people.

Reading the same books that your child reads and discussing them with your child might be a fun exercise that avoids the insanity of toys, toys and more toys. And introduce them however you can to positive exercise. But please don’t go crazy over toys like some people do. It’s literally killing people and killing the nation because we’re borrowing money from rich nations like China, Japan, Russia and Saudi Arabia to feed our addiction to toys and all the junk we load up on at Christmas.

Or, if you like excellent mystery books, read the first chapter of KC Constantine’s book Upon Some Midnights Clear and if you like what you read, contact the author of this website to obtain a shareware version of the book for $5.00 or buy a hard copy from your local independent bookseller, either on or off the web (as the book is out of print). It could change your life. That book was my introduction to this website and I have been hooked on Bad Attitudes ever since. And in the process was educated beyond my wildest imagination into the ways of the world, both good and bad, literally changing my mind for the better, although I must warn you that knowing so many of the secrets of Pandora’s box can at times be quite depressing.

Or alternatively, you could take your child to the library, get him or her a library card, and make a point to visit twice a week. I must warn you though, according to one of the characters in a book by KC Constantine, you’ll be introducing your child to the concept of socialism when you carry him to the library. Imagine that. Not having to pay for your books. It is quite a radical concept in this capitalist economy. Personally I think we need more of it, so next time you talk to your local politician, ask him to expand on the concept of free public libraries by bringing more socialism to this nation. The nation might learn that socialism has many benefits that don’t involve killing people over buying Christmas gifts, but I doubt it. And let your politician know you're willing to pay higher taxes to support people, but not corporations.

Without further ado, I hereby post a video that I found at Shakesville, another progressive blog which has the URL name of Shakespeare’s sister which recalls similar crazed shoppers in 1983. It is now evident that the species is not evolving, at least since Ronald Reagan came into office.


Posted by Buck Batard at November 28, 2008 05:44 PM
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Oops. You just beat me to it, Buck!

Posted by: ohollern on November 28, 2008 7:26 PM

There were 40/42 people lined up to get into the library here in Raleigh
this a.m. It was pure joy to join the crowd. Everyone gets a book of some
sort for Xmas in our family, duly inscribed on the cover or title page.

Posted by: tdrbob on November 29, 2008 2:23 PM
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