November 25, 2008
Lest We Forget…

…here’s Down with Tyranny, reminding us of who funneled all that dough to the three monkeys from the auto industry so they could afford to fly their own cool corporate jets to Washington and rattle their tin cups at Congress for more:

Midway through Bush’s first term, the attempts to encourage U.S. car manufacturers to invest in fuel efficient vehicles were beaten back by Tom Delay and the Republican Party through manipulation of the tax code.

The GOP made it far more attractive to buy a big gas guzzling SUV than a small car by offering enormous tax loopholes for Escalades, Hummers, Lincoln Navigators, Suburbans and other mammoth monstrosities. They defiantly pushed Detroit into making more clunkers.

Except for a small handful of reactionary Democrats from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party — like Jane Harman, Steve Israel, Bud Cramer, Lipinski — this kind of human refuse — all the Democrats in the House voted no and all the Republicans but one moderate (Connie Morella from Maryland) voted yes.

So today we hear Republicans like Jon Kyl braying about how we should let the car companies go bankrupt because they were so stupid and incompetent for making the wrong product choices. What about Republican congressmen who mandated those decisions with their votes—

Then representatives/now senators like Jim DeMint (R-SC), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), David “Diapers” Vitter (R-LA), Johnny Isakson (R-GA), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and John Sununu (R-NH); and then backbenchers/now GOP leaders like John Boehner (R-0H), Eric Cantor (R-VA), David Dreier (R-CA), Adam Putnam (R-FL), Roy Blunt (R-MO), and Mike Pence (R-IN)?

Today they’re not braying about their past votes, only working diligently to further cripple the American labor movement and continue the economic enslavement of the working and middle class.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at November 25, 2008 01:52 PM
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It'd be nice if you would elaborate on those "loopholes" so we could judge for ourselves...

I just don't trust you as a blogger impersonating an economist saying some loophole or another convinced the big three to say "f*$k it. let's just keep building SUVs with crappy gas milage."

I know of three asian auto makers who, in the free market, realized that crunchy granola libs would want hybrids and other people would recognize value in a better made product (say, the honda civic?)

So let's see you...

Oh wait. Nevermind. You're just regurgitating the thoughts of others!

I'll go where the so-called thinkers are.

Lucky for you, kool aid is on sale!

Posted by: Bill on November 25, 2008 7:38 PM

Bill must not know a single soul who owns a business. My brother in law a pediatrician bought one of those atrocious monsters. His was a Toyota Land Cruiser. Most of them were ship anchors, especially the Hummers.
Nice little blog that detailed how many Hummers were built is here. Once the price of gas went up and the tax benefits were gone, nobody wanted them.

Look at these photos Bill.

Obviously you haven't read this blog or you would shut up because this blog had many articles about the tax benefits for buying the biggest ship anchors that money could buy for the last five years or so. Mostly they came from Detroit, but even Toyota and Nissan got in on the act. People wanted those tax breaks. And the tax breaks fueled the insane demand. Thanks to Dick Cheney and his band of thieves. Those high gas prices were planned in advance, don't you see. And Wall Street helped with the plan immensely by pushing rampant speculation on oil futures. Now that there's going to be oversight, they've laid off. But we're still running out of oil and the globe is still warming. Don't believe me, believe about 98% of the scientists who study these things.

Posted by: Buck on November 25, 2008 8:49 PM
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