November 17, 2008
Happy 100th Birthday to I.F. Stone

I.F. Stone’s granddaughter brings us up to date on the party given for the greatest journalist known to man, living or dead. I’ve posted the introduction to the post below, but by all means go read the rest for her take on Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton and what such appointments could mean for an Obama administration, as well as the war between real journalists and those who write for the mainstream media, whose judgment is almost always clouded by corporate editorial oversight.

Perhaps her views are not so kind to the aforementioned powers that be, but I agree with her sentiments totally. So go read the rest and let us know if you agree. We need to let Obama know not to step into that 30-foot and growing pile of manure left by former administrations. Without further ado, here is Aimai writing at her blog If I Ran The Zoo:

Well, that was bracing! Yesterday we had a blast honoring my grandfather, I.F. Stone, for his first hundred years and looking forward to the next hundred which he will spend, variously, at Mt. Auburn Cemetery and in cyberspace. There were marvelous speakers, among the best of whom was Jack Beatty, Chris Lydon, and Tony Lewis. Among the most controversial, apparently, was your own Aimai since I had been tasked with speaking of Izzy as a proto-blogger. That set the cat among the pigeons.

I believe firmly that she who blogs first, laughs last so I woke up this morning at four a.m. to get my account into print first. Its rather complicated to explain, of course because of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle surrounding things said at cocktail parties. I hew to a hard, Proustian model of memory “I write, therefore I am” which loosely translates in the real world to “she who gets it down in pixels can lay claim to the experience.” So, with a grain of salt, take all my witty rejoinders as actually having been said. I can assure you that no matter what I said, they weren’t listening so they weren’t heard. And so, to the event: [click on the link to read the rest]



Posted by Buck Batard at November 17, 2008 12:25 PM
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Are you sure? Wikipedia has his birthday in December.

Posted by: Vigilante on November 18, 2008 12:41 AM

His birthday was almost a year ago. But great men, especially those who are considered icons are allowed long celebrations. When will it end? Who cares? Every day is a celebration of the life of I.F. Stone, who reminds us how lousy the mainstream media still is, and also reminds us that we bloggers are better, but not by much.

Although I must admit to being fooled by the reference to the recent celebration. And apparently so were many other bloggers. But a year long birthday party for a great man might be too short. Let's never forget who he was and what he was able to accomplish: something all the journalists in Washington with all their supposed "wisdom" have yet to collectively accomplish. Not even close. His birthday should be celebrated for 99 more years until the next century passes. By then, if we're lucky, someone will come close to what he was able to accomplish, or if the stars are with us (according to that foolish Nancy Reagan), someone may overcome his prowess in the field of journalism. If we should be so lucky.

Posted by: Buck on November 18, 2008 1:39 AM

Good answer.

Posted by: Vigilante on November 23, 2008 11:35 AM
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