October 06, 2008
The Sun’s Setting Fast

I previously blogged this song and sent the link to someone who I’ve made acquaintance with online and then briefly met in person. He had never heard it before and said it brought tears to his eyes and actually made him cry. He then said he had sent it to his wife immediately. I won’t reveal his name, but he’s become something of a writing sensation in recent years. But I’m going to play it again now, because what was true then is even more true today and this song captures that sentiment so well. The sense of loss of a place and and life that once was and is gone or will be no more seems to be picking up steam and becoming more evident every day.

Forgive me for repeating a previous post, but this is what I’m having in lieu of my morning cup or coffee and orange juice. Forgive me for turning to folk songs. I regard many of them as a special version of poetry that helps me get through difficult times. The singer and writer of this song is Iris Dement, one of our national treasures who got blackballed in the 1990’s because she wrote a few truthful songs about our nation that crossed a line that one is not supposed to cross: speaking truth to power.


Posted by Buck Batard at October 06, 2008 09:33 AM
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Also great (as you probably know) by Dement, her Wasteland of the Free.


I also love There's A Wall In Washington.

Posted by: George on October 6, 2008 9:10 PM
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