October 01, 2008
The Anti-Elitist Smart Guy Finally Speaks Out on Sarah Palin

Despite the previous post from my mentor and colleague on this blog — it is my duty to report that Joe Bageant, who knows heartland America better than I do — has something to say today on the subject of Sarah Palin, although he’s not dared to speak that name until now. I was, as they say in essentially all of rural America, “raised up in it”. Joe and I both decided to leave our people behind at least part of the time, but both of us have an essential love for what we call “our people’, no matter how deluded we know they are.

Here’s a snippet from Joe’s first post on the subject of Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin’s real coup is that she brings out the snobbery of the left in their dismissal of her as an ignorant hick typical of small town red state America. They vastly underestimate her. Just like they have underestimated George Bush for the past eight years. While they laughed, George Bush managed to get everything he wanted and assist the looting of America in his spare time. No matter that he is vastly unpopular now even among Republicans. He has fulfilled his purpose to the powerful corporations and financial institutions that animate American politics. You do not have to be smart to be president, just malleable to the greater forces at work.

Yet Palin is not stupid. She may be religious and a right winger, but that doesn’t mean she is stupid and incompetent (neither of which ever prevented an astute American politician from success, by the way.) She may be the last person any thinking leftist would want to see as vice president, but so far Sarah Palin has been a very successful politician. She has a high domestic approval rating and has soared to the top in record time. And each time Democrats and liberals take a shot at her religious beliefs and moral choices, which just happen to be those of tens of millions of heartland voting Americans, she gains political ground, or at a minimum, holds some for herself and McCain.

The left likes nothing better than to masturbate one another with never ending proof of their intellectual, moral and political superiority. And I for one believe most intellectual and moral positions taken by the left ARE superior. Which doesn’t mean shit if you are holding those positions while being prosecuted for simply getting a blowjob or getting investigated by the Department of Reich Security because you like eating hummus.

I tend to agree with Joe, but I’m not sure we on the left have learned how to attack the right and at the same time get them or the independents to vote with us, even when we know they’re hurting themselves when they vote otherwise. So for now I’m an agnostic on this subject, the same as I am on the subject of religion (nothing gripes me more than those who claim to be sure that there isn’t some kind of creator of the universe). Personally I don’t know but I don’t let myself get worked up about it until people start defining that entity or being, whatever it is, as being like all of humanity. If “God’ is anything like we humans or Sarah Palin or even dare I say it, Barack Obama, we’re in a heap of trouble.

But think about what Joe has to say. If he’s right, we’re in for some hard times ahead that I don’t want to think about. Can anyone offer us a third way to deal with the scourge of our time, and that is, ignorance greeting us in the face of impending doom.

Barack Obama is indeed ahead in the polls, but this is that time of the year when all of the mutual funds, IRA’s, pension funds, retirement funds, etc. start buying shares from Wall Street, and all of Wall Street loves to see prices high during that period. So this short period of stock market exuberance that we might see shortly but won’t be with us for much longer can turn the poll numbers around in a skinny minute. We are all treading on thin ice, in more ways that we can possibly know.



Posted by Buck Batard at October 01, 2008 07:19 PM
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The left is arrogant, the right is arrogant, why, I think everyone is arrogant. The left is no more arrogant than anyone else. So the issue? There are far more people that are "normal" than exceptional, or smart, or gifted or whatever you want to call them. Seldom will these so-called normal people accept their status as less than equal to the more gifted, especially when it pertains to subjective criteria, non-stopwatch oriented. "I could do that," they might say. "I think that guy (who is a Senator, or whatever) is an idiot. I could easily do that." There is no doubt that Sarah Palin is unusual. You have to be exceptionally lucky, ambitious and/or smart to be elected governor in any state. That said, she is clearly more in the playground of the "normal" than "exceptional". Are there people who will follow her and vote for her? Absolutely. Are there enough to help elect John McCain President? We shall see. There were certainly enough to "elect" G.W. Bush twice. And there are at least 13% of the voting public who think Obama is Muslim. There are a lot of idiots around, more than you would probably believe. Here is hoping that maybe, just maybe, there are enough voting Americans who have enough sense to recognize what this country should do, rather than voting their fears, and greed, and ignorance, whether it be racism, sexism, or something else I can't think of at the moment.

Posted by: Political Sports on October 1, 2008 8:42 PM
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