October 13, 2008
Sweden Strikes Again

What is this nonsense? They never heard of Alan Greenspan in Stockholm?

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Paul Krugman, the Princeton University scholar and New York Times columnist, won the Nobel economic prize Monday for his analysis of how economies of scale can affect trade patterns and the location of economic activity…

The 55-year-old American economist was the lone winner of the 10 million kronor ($1.4 million) award and the latest in a string of American researchers to be honored. It was only the second time since 2000 that a single laureate won the prize, which is typically shared by two or three researchers.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 13, 2008 09:11 AM
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Posted by: karen marie on October 13, 2008 5:45 PM

Economics is that branch of business in which one must take a huge set of complex interrelationships and make sense of the ones that matter to understand how the world of trade and money works. It is the one subject that I wish I had majored in because it came naturally to me, at least the few courses I took of it. Always an A student there but nowhere else.

But we liberals are on a roll in Stockholme. Al Gore's Peace Prize last year and Paul Krugman's Economics Prize this year.

Heartiest wishes and congratulations to Paul. The only regret I have is that I know I may be seeing my favorite column less rather than more. And that I truly regret.

Posted by: Buck on October 14, 2008 6:16 AM
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