October 01, 2008
Hell Yes, I’m an Elitist!

Here’s a great rant from Alicia Morgan, whose enemy you would definitely not want to be.

…George W. Bush, in celebrating his own lack of intellect and curiosity, has made a virtue of ignorance, and by breaking the glass ceiling on stupidity, demonstrated to those who already think this way that there are no limits to where ignorance can take you. He has also demonstrated that governing by ignorance is not only possible, but easily done, and that ignorance can beat intelligence, given the right set of circumstances…

Case in point is the love child of George Bush and Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin. While George Bush is a relative latecomer to the fundamentalist fold, he insisted that “God told him to attack Iraq.” He relies on his ‘gut’ instead of brains, and considers that a completely acceptable, even preferable choice.

Sarah Palin takes those traits to a whole different level. No Johnny-come-lately she, Palin was steeped in fundamentalist principles from birth, and is both far more radically religious and far less educated than George W. Bush. Which, in the Bizarro-World of right-wing logic, makes her...even better! According to the Bush standard, all you need is a mule-stubborn refusal to yield to be a successful world leader, and intelligence just gets in the way of that. Sarah Palin describes it as “you can’t blink.” What she means is “you can’t think.”

This demonization of intelligence is getting worse, not better, as the ignorant and venal are rewarded ever more richly in our society. If the unthinkable come to pass, with a McCain presidency Sarah Palin — would-be book-banner, science-hater, reproductive-rights-destroyer, Rapture-ready end-timer — will be a fibrillation away from being the leader of the free world. One would not think it possible, but she makes George W. Bush look like Noam Chomsky.

Hell, yes, I’m an elitist. You should be, too.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 01, 2008 06:08 PM
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Thanks for finding this supreme snark. I've now got another damn blog I have to check out.

In repayment, there's a dedicated, if confused, conservative writing about how the House Republicans have saved the country. http://jonswift.blogspot.com/2008/09/can-happy-days-be-here-again.html

And there is another poor conservative, who dissed Sarah and now is wondering if she should have been aborted and left in a dumpster.

Posted by: zeno2vonnegut on October 1, 2008 8:35 PM

That "dedicated, if confused conservative writing about how the House Republicans have fooled the country" does claim to be a conservative alright. But I'd suggest you dig into that site a little more closely. When you get what Jon Swift is all about, we'll laugh with you. It's a popular "conservative" site and I'm a big fan of the writer.

Incidentally, I just completed a call down South and my undertaker friend who just couldn't manage to vote for a black guy for President has changed his mind. What changed his mind: Sarah He's an Obama man now.

And my brother in law the pediatrician says he and "all the pediatricians" are supporting Obama.
He's voted Republican practically forever.

Unless something changes radically, Mcain Palin are in big trouble. Even the southerners are abandoning him in droves.

Posted by: on October 1, 2008 10:29 PM

I was being ironic in describing Jon Swift. I've voted for him in the blog awards.

Glad to hear that the South and at least part of the AMA have seen the light.

Posted by: zeno2vonnegut on October 2, 2008 1:56 AM

Next time you see Ms. Morgan, would you please ask to not insult mules in such a manner. Mules are a cross between a horse and donkey and are smarter than both. The same goes for hinnies.

And I'm not making this up. You can look it up on Wikipedia:

So please ask Ms. Morgan, leave the mules out of it. They might be stubborn, but they are smarter than George Bush. They are the equivalent of cats in the world of farm animals and we both know cats are stubborn animals as well.

George most closely resembles a hound dog who likes to lay out on the porch and relax as much as he can, even though he may know how to get into that ham hock curing barn when the owner on vacation and is not paying attention and steal the whole damn inventory.

Posted by: Buck on October 2, 2008 6:01 AM
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