October 23, 2008
Hate the Sin, But Really, Really Love the Sinner

Self-loathing and hypocrisy transcend national borders. Larry Craig has nothing on Austrian “rightwing populist” Jörg Haider:

Petzner said: “We had a relationship that went far beyond friendship. Jörg and I were connected by something really special. He was the man of my life.”

The news stunned Austria, which has been coming to terms with the death of the anti-immigrant politician. Haider, who voted against a parliamentary motion to lower the age of consent for homosexuals, had presented himself as a family man who drank sparingly. But after the car crash it was revealed that he had been driving at twice the speed limit, his blood alcohol level had been four times the legal limit, and he had spent his final hours in a gay bar in Klagenfurt, the capital of the southern state where he was governor.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 23, 2008 11:22 AM
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That is so typical of who his followers want to follow that it's bound to be made into a movie quickly.

Posted by: Chuck Dupree on October 23, 2008 3:55 PM
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