October 14, 2008
Don’t Tell ‘Em What Train I’m On

There are a good many Republicans who want to leave this country if Obama is elected as our President. And a good many Liberals and Progressives feel the same way should a McCain/Palin administration be elected, legally or by the usual fraudulent techniques we’ve seen in the last two elections.

However, there is a historical basis for wanting to leave a place that becomes so untenable to live in that one must find any way possible to get to a more just and palatable place to hang your hat. The Underground Railroad songs are an important part of American history and some of us may soon find ourselves in the position that so many Americans before us have experienced.

To those who rode those trains, or those interested in some of the history from those years, the Library of Congress has a wonderful collection of historical items from that era, some of it collected by John Avery Lomax and Ruby Terril Lomax in the 1930’s, most likely from a Roosevelt administration funded program. If you’re one of those who feels you are going to have to leave this place if your candidate doesn’t win, I’d suggest making your plans early and getting the best advice possible.

The first step in planning such an endeavor is examining the historical record of those who have made such a trek before you have. So examine the links to some great songs and wonderful lyrics here and get ready to make your plans if you plan on leaving. Personally I’m going to take a chance that there won’t be an American holocaust despite the presence and funding for holding pens that look like replicas of German concentration camps.

I’ve tried to make this post as non-partisan as possible, although I couldn’t refrain from mentioning the stolen election of 2000 and the stolen state of Ohio in 2004 (and thereby the election — Kenneth your day is coming). If that makes me a partisan, then I’ll trade being a truthful partisan than a lying “neutral observer," which as many of us are aware by now, our mainstream media pretends to be. Personally, I hope the shoe falls on the white shoe this time, which means McCain supporters, but that’s just my opinion and we don’t pretend to be non-partisan here at Bad Attitudes, although I don’t think anyone that writes here at Bad Attitudes is a True Believer.

If anything you’ve read here is just too depressing to think about, then here’s something to brighten your day from Elizabeth Cotten.


Posted by Buck Batard at October 14, 2008 11:55 PM
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