October 10, 2008
Are We Headed the Same Way?

The end of the western Roman empire is generally dated to 476 when the derisively titled Romulus Augustulus was overthrown and the empire became explicitly what it had been for centuries implicitly, the property of the barbarians Rome had tried and failed to keep at bay.

Their scanty remnant, the offspring of slaves and strangers, was despicable in the eyes of the victorious barbarians. As often as the Franks or Lombards expressed their most bitter contempt of a foe, they called him a Roman; “and in this name,” says the bishop Liutprand, “we include whatever is base, whatever is cowardly, whatever is perfidious, the extremes of avarice and luxury, and every vice that can prostitute the dignity of human nature.”

Why did people hate the Romans? What had the Romans ever done for them, after all?


Posted by Chuck Dupree at October 10, 2008 04:11 AM
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