September 25, 2008
Iíve Heard That Song BeforeÖ

Katie Couric interviews Sarah Palin on September 24, 2008:

Couric: But heís been in Congress for 26 years. Heís been chairman of the powerful Commerce Committee. And he has almost always sided with less regulation, not more.

Palin: Heís also known as the maverick though, taking shots from his own party, and certainly taking shots from the other party. Trying to get people to understand what heís been talking about ó the need to reform government.

Couric: But can you give me any other concrete examples? Because I know youíve said Barack Obama is a lot of talk and no action. Can you give me any other examples in his 26 years of John McCain truly taking a stand on this?

Palin: I can give you examples of things that John McCain has done, that has shown his foresight, his pragmatism, and his leadership abilities. And that is what America needs today.

Couric: Iím just going to ask you one more time - not to belabor the point. Specific examples in his 26 years of pushing for more regulation.

Palin: Iíll try to find you some and Iíll bring them to you.

Asked to name a major idea of Vice President Nixonís that had been adopted by the administration, President Eisenhower said on August 24, 1960:

ďIf you give me a week, I might think of one.Ē

Posted by Jerome Doolittle at September 25, 2008 12:58 PM
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