September 28, 2008
Time to Cut the Mustard. Go Register Today

I suspect that many of our readers here at Bad Attitudes are registered to vote. However, we do have new people visiting the site daily as our site statistics indicate. Whether you’re supporting Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Ron Paul, a third party candidate like the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr or even two candidates that we have written quite a bit about here at Bad Attitudes (and whom no one who writes here supports), John McCain and Sarah Palin, did you know you can register to vote online?

Or even if you just want to register as a Democrat instead of a Republican for a change this time, or vice versa, you can do it! Registering to vote has now officially become available online. Hopefully we are moving towards the Oregon model of voting as the technology becomes more sophisticated.

How do you register online? Just go here and fill out your information. It’s that easy. The only way we can demand change from our politicians is to have everyone participating in the process and that requires that everyone register to vote. Won’t you do so today by just clicking right here.

But we would warn Karl Rove wannabees who want to foul up our future by attempting to defraud the system. Your day is coming soon. We just want everyone to do what they have a right to do: vote to demand change. And we sure need that change right now, don’t we? Four more years of the same just won’t cut the Grey Poupon mustard anymore, even if you can afford a bottle of it. And make sure to tell your neighbors. If you can’t remember, then just tell them to go to Bad and register from here. Because those rich fat cats have been stealing your right to afford the regular mustard, much less the exotic kind. So do your part to cut the mustard. Get out your keyboard and go register today.


Posted by Buck Batard at September 28, 2008 10:47 PM
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Never understood why you'd have to register to be able to vote.

In Germany every citizen over 18 receives a postcard asking him to vote. On request you can vote by mail. With this postcard and your passport/ID-card you can vote in any polling place in Germany. Without the postcard and just any ID you may vote in your hometown.

Sounds fair and democratic, doesn't it? I suppose the system was an American suggestion after WW2.

Posted by: Peter on September 29, 2008 9:04 AM
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