August 09, 2008
Horton at No Comment on Rove

One of the blogs that I most enjoy for its scholarly content is the blog at Harper’s Magazine entitled Harper’s No Comment, which is written by Scott Horton. Mr. Horton has been covering the US attorneys scandal and once was a personal friend of Michael Mukasey, although judging from what has been written on the blog, that relationship seems to have been utterly destroyed by Mukasey’s behavior while serving as the Attorney General for the Bush White House.

In his most recent blog post, a portion of which appears below, he drops a tantalizing tidbit of information which I haven’t seen elsewhere in the blogosphere until now. This is not a new topic, at least peripherally, but it’s a topic I’ve that I haven’t seen discussed elsewhere until now. If anyone has more information about what Karl Rove might be doing meeting with Ukranian mafioso, or in the off chance he might have been involved with people involved in this, your comments would be welcome. Perhaps it has something to do with this which has been whispered about, at least in regard to the Ukranian mafia, since at least 2004.

In her recent book, Dark Side, Jane Mayer interviews senior political appointees, all card-carrying Republican conservatives with long records of faithful service to the Republican Party, who describe the atmosphere of fear and intimidation which the White House had carefully cultivated in the nation’s erstwhile temple of justice. The message was clear: the Justice Department existed to do the White House’s political bidding. Any suggestion of independence or fidelity to the law would be rudely crushed. Many were convinced their phones were being tapped illegally. Some even feared that they might be targeted for a hit or “accidentally” run over by a truck (the favored tactic of the Ukrainian mafiosi with whom Karl Rove was seen hobnobbing at Yalta only a few weeks ago). Any hint of caution about the White House’s agenda would be enough to destroy a career. This is the environment in which the Justice Department launched roughly six criminal probes into Democratic political figures for every one targeting a Republican. It was a Justice Department hijacked and converted into a partisan political attack machine.



Posted by Buck Batard at August 09, 2008 08:52 AM
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