August 31, 2008
God Bless You, Mr. Buchanan…

Hold on, did I just write those words about the man who once put the words in Reagan’s mouth? Yes, I did. Like the little girl in the nursery rhyme, when Pat is right he is very, very right and when he is wrong he is horrid. For an instance of the former:

[Truman, Johnson, Carter & Reagan] were not cowards. They simply would not go to war when no vital U.S. interest was at risk to justify a war. Yet, had George W. Bush prevailed and were Georgia in NATO, U.S. Marines could be fighting Russian troops over whose flag should fly over a province of 70,000 South Ossetians who prefer Russians to Georgians.

The arrogant folly of the architects of U.S. post-Cold War policy is today on display. By bringing three ex-Soviet republics into NATO, we have moved the U.S. red line for war from the Elbe almost to within artillery range of the old Leningrad…

For a dozen years, Putin & Co. watched as U.S. agents helped to dump over regimes in Ukraine and Georgia that were friendly to Moscow.

If Cold War II is coming, who started it, if not us?

The swift and decisive action of Putin’s army in running the Georgian forces out of South Ossetia in 24 hours after Saakashvili began his barrage and invasion suggests Putin knew exactly what Saakashvili was up to and dropped the hammer on him.

What did we know? Did we know Georgia was about to walk into Putin’s trap? Did we not see the Russians lying in wait north of the border? Did we give Saakashvili a green light?

Joe Biden ought to be conducting public hearings on who caused this U.S. humiliation…

The United States must decide whether it wants a partner in a flawed Russia or a second Cold War. For if we want another Cold War, we are, by cutting Russia out of the oil of the Caspian and pushing NATO into her face, going about it exactly the right way…

Go read the whole thing, though. It’s great stuff. Once again we see that the two ends of the American political circle can overlap at the extremes. There we unregenerate liberals now and then find ourselves in a surprising mind-meld with the Pat Buchanans and the Bob Barrs of the Paleolithic right.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at August 31, 2008 03:04 PM
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Mrs. Batard and I were having a conversation about this topic the other day. I remarked that part of what Ron Paul espoused was a "classic" conservatism and she remarked that was not so. I then explained to her that I was talking about the pre warlike Republican party, the Albert Jay Nocks, etc. and she remarked "Oh you mean the paleoconservatives". I said yes, I guess so. So I went and looked up paleoconservative in Wikepedia. And either Wikipedia is wrong or paleo is not the right word. So I've settled on pre-paleoconservative. That which was before the monsters arrived. But I don't know. Wiki says Paleoconservative was a named coined in the 1980's.


But I never had this deep an understanding of politics until I found this site. And for that I am eternally grateful, although another voice inside of me whispers: "damn this site, it's given you the storehouse of knowledge from the fruit of the tree of good and evil".

And so it goes.

Posted by: Buck on August 31, 2008 4:03 PM
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