August 20, 2008
Clinton and Bush: Dumb and Dumber

More along the same line as my previous posting, just below — this time from the magnificently angry Jim Kunstler at Clusterfuck.

Meanwhile, Russia got its house in order under the non-senile, non-alcoholic Vladimir Putin, and woke up along about 2007 to find itself the leading oil and natural gas producer in the world.

Among the various consequences of this was Russia’s reemergence as a new kind of world power — an energy resource power, with the energy destiny of Europe pretty much in its hands. Also, meanwhile, the USA had set up other client states in the ring of former Soviet republics along Russia’s southern underbelly, complete with US military bases, while fighting active engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, if this wasn’t the dumbest, vainest move in modern geopolitical history!

It’s one thing that US foreign policy wonks imagined that Russia would remain in a coma forever, but the idea that we could encircle Russia strategically with defensible bases in landlocked mountainous countries halfway around the world...? You have to ask what were they smoking over at the Pentagon and the CIA and the NSC?

So, this asinine policy has now come to grief. Not only does Russia stand to gain control over the Baku-to-Ceyhan pipeline, but we now have every indication that they will bring the states on its southern flank back into an active sphere of influence, and there is really not a damn thing that the US can pretend to do about it.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at August 20, 2008 07:59 PM
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Thing is, it's not the first time we've employed this ridiculous strategy. After WW II, US foreign policy chose Containment over Rollback.

This situation is one of Chomsky's favorite examples of how discussion of issues that affect everyone are limited with respect to viewpoints. There were two viewpoints considered. Put simply, either we should attack Russia immediately with everything we've got, or we should ring the entire country with nuclear weapons. Anyone who offered for discussion the idea that some sort of live-and-let-live arrangement was conceivable was thereby marked as a fringe dweller and never really trusted again. Thus the war machine could sleep soundly, knowing that the public might vacillate but could not choose a non-warlike position, because none was on offer.

Posted by: Chuck Dupree on August 20, 2008 11:03 PM


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