June 10, 2008
Junior Is the Man

I gotta say a little bit about Junior.

On Monday Ken Griffey, Jr., hit his six hundredth major league home run. Only three other players have done that without cheating (Ruth, Mays, and Aaron), and only two more if you count the cheaters.

There are many reasons to be happy that Junior hit his dinger. First, he genuinely appears to be a decent guy. He’s not playing for the most money he could get, but he has an adoring audience in his hometown, where I remember seeing his father play when I was a boy.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, no one has ever accused Griffey of cheating. He’s done what he did on his own. He had several years cut severely short by injury, a few years nearly entirely wiped out. Had he continued to play a normal season over some of those years he might have made a stab at eight hundred homers in his career. But he doesn’t complain about that, or talk about what might have been. Which is, the best ever.

I just wish he would have backed off a little on the whole running-into-the-wall thing.



Posted by Chuck Dupree at June 10, 2008 05:44 AM
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