January 22, 2008
It’s Curtains for the Pup

George Packer of The New Yorker has an absolutely great parody on his blog there. It’s called The Kristol Journals. It starts out:

After writing about Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., last week, I wondered: whose journals will give us a similar chronicle of conservatism in decay, ten or twenty years from now, when the cycles of American history have moved in the opposite direction?

Maybe Bill Kristol keeps a diary:

April 10, 2003—

Last night Susan and I were invited to celebrate Victory in Iraq at the Barneses’, along with the Krauthammers, the Kagans, and the Perles. Richard was in particularly good form. In my toast I declared Paul to be without question the greatest force for moral statesmanship since Churchill. Then Richard drank to Don, and Charles to Dick, and Bob to Scooter, and finally Fred reminded us all of the supreme courage and wisdom of the man who sits in the Oval and had to make this decision by himself. After that, the tone of the evening took a downward turn as we all made up choruses about the utter humiliation of Colin Powell, the Arab world, the press corps, and the liberals. Fred and I invented a jig to a Gilbert and Sullivan tune: “Left turn to Damascus! Right turn to Tehran!” Slightly under the weather today.

May 1st—

Dined today with Bill Bennett. Mission Accomplished, indeed! We agreed that Quayle is the most underrated politician of the past thirty years. We were lamenting the unfairness of the “potatoe” incident when Bill had to catch a plane to Vegas, where he apparently has some long-standing business interests …

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Posted by Jerome Doolittle at January 22, 2008 04:42 PM
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