December 22, 2007
Ulysses Yule

Martha Bridegam, who was once a student of mine but has made a complete recovery, writes in Demisemiblog that she has “been rereading Ulysses this week. Shocked to learn I'm older than Mr. Bloom.”

I am shocked to learn that there’s somebody out there who has read Ulysses even once, let alone twice. Prior to this I never knew anyone who had even made it into the double-digit pages, except for certain ones deep inside that the older boys pointed out.

So way to go, Martha, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours from.

Illiterate in Connecticut


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at December 22, 2007 01:09 PM
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Am told I'm also now older than Homer Simpson. Gack, alas, my lost youth, etc...

Ulysses is no hardship. It's full of good sly comedy, including some that reads like a Monty Python precursor. Some bigotry reflecting Joyce's times but a lot of humane kindness ahead of those times. And the Pogues did an album liner photo impersonating Joyce, so he can't be all dull, can he?

Of course, my hat's off to anyone can grok *Finnegans Wake*. That's an entire nother kettle of fish.

Am finishing *Ulysses* in the online edition, av'l here. Joyce is a great one for providing unique search phrases and words to use as improvised bookmarks. My one before last was "frseeeeeeeefronnnng".

Posted by: Martha Bridegam on December 22, 2007 9:38 PM

Meant to say, a merry everything to everybody.

Posted by: Martha Bridegam on December 22, 2007 9:42 PM

Here's a neat game to play to try to catch up with her:

Gets tougher as you go along. Feed somebody as you learn.

Merry Christmas.

Posted by: Buck on December 23, 2007 8:43 PM

Reading Joyce online provides another argument for having a good browser. In mine, right-click on a selected word or phrase provides a choice to look it up in an online dictionary or encyclopedia in addition to the basic web search. Like many other Opera innovations, this will probably appear in Firefox in a year or so. ;\]

Happy holidays!

Posted by: Chuck Dupree on December 24, 2007 1:18 AM

Powell's provides a new review on Joyce's "Ulysses" and features it today on its "Review of the Day" for this Christmas day.;utm_medium=email;utm_campaign=rad_20071225;utm_content=Post%20to%20Blog

Posted by: on December 25, 2007 10:49 AM

Re: the above,

I'm not much at the "free rice" game. I keep hovering at the same level until all the words get to be familiar and then it's no fun any more.

If Chuck can find "melonsmellonous" in a dictionary I'm a monkey's auntie.

Cheers to all & may you save the republic in 2008.

Posted by: Martha Bridegam on December 29, 2007 1:43 PM
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