December 22, 2007
The Friendly Skies

Back in the middle years of the last century American citizens, in other respects very similar to those of today, would dress up for an airplane flight as if they were going to a swell party. Now, however:

A rich record of the employee discontent emerges from regular question-and-answer sessions held at US Airways, which is both the worst-performing big airline in the country and a company that encourages its 36,000 workers to direct tough questions at its chief executive, W. Douglas Parker …

“Who thought it would be a good idea to have pink Pepto-Bismol ads on tray tables talking about diarrhea?” a worker wrote in July. The Pepto ads were replaced in August.

Another employee wondered in October 2006: “Why can we not get better quality snack items for our coach customers? One customer recently compared the generic pretzel nubs we serve to the fish food you buy in a .25 gumball machine at any zoo or park.”

Actually, fish food would appear to be too costly. “We’ve worked with our purchasing team,” management explained, “to bring in many companies to compete on our main cabin tidbit item (pretzels). To date, no one has been able to match our current cost, about 3 cents per package.”



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at December 22, 2007 12:10 PM
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It's the invisible hand of the free market. Father Greenspan would understand.

Posted by: CCRyder on December 23, 2007 1:45 PM
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