November 07, 2007
Why We Hate Them

Is there any government in the world more despicable than that of Cuba? I mean, what kind of scumbag government would provide everyone with medical care and guarantee them food? You can’t really sink much below that.

Jean Ziegler, who has been the United Nations’ independent investigator on “the right to food” since 2000, spent 11 days in Cuba on a fact-finding mission, meeting with top officials and chatting up farmers, state managers and ordinary Cubans waiting in line for food allotted by ration cards.

“We haven’t seen even one malnourished person” — a rare feat in much of poverty-stricken Latin America, Ziegler said Tuesday. “The right to being fed is the priority, without a doubt.”

Cuba is one of 32 countries that include the “right to food” in their constitutions, and fewer still — including Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy — meet pledges to provide food to all their citizens, he said.

If only the US were as rich as Brazil and Cuba, we wouldn’t have hungry people…



Posted by Chuck Dupree at November 07, 2007 04:08 AM
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Ahhh,but they CHOOSE to remain hungry in America! Those rotten socialists put food on people's plates and FORCES them to eat.We,being more civilized,just shove tubes down their noses if they don't want to eat!

Posted by: Palolo lolo on November 7, 2007 7:30 AM

oh, but you forget, the Great Communicator has told us that "poverty is anecdotal".

Posted by: r@d@r on November 7, 2007 8:48 AM

Yep, and homeless people are homeless because they're too crazy to know they should be living indoors.

(Maybe I'd better make clear this is a joke, and NOT TRUE. Lots of otherwise liberal people believe it.)

Posted by: Martha Bridegam on November 7, 2007 9:28 PM

Really. It's sad when we have to add GOAK to make sure that people don't misunderstand. I attribute this to the malign influence of television and movies. Those who read are capable of recognizing a variety of moods in sentences; unfortunately that's a diminishing percentage.

What really irritates me (surprise) is that we're not against socialism. It's just that socialism applies only to costs. Profits should be privatized, and costs socialized. Otherwise the rich would not continue to get richer, which is the point of the United States.

Posted by: Chuck Dupree on November 7, 2007 11:56 PM
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