April 18, 2007
View of the American Media From a Foxhole Commander

Interesting perspective from a lieutenant colonel Gian P. Gentile, who commanded an armored reconnaissance squadron in the 4th Infantry Division.

He opens with this evaluation:

From my foxhole-view as a tactical battalion commander in western Baghdad in 2006, the American press, although not perfect, has reported the reality of the Iraq war.

Daily Show watchers can already see Stewart rubbing his eyes in disbelief. “Wha…?”

It is my opinion that the American military’s ongoing condemnation of the American press’s reporting of the Iraq war has more to do with its own mistaken belief that the American media lost the Vietnam War and has less to do with the current reporting on Iraq. I also believe that because the American military fears so deeply the loss of support of the American people over Iraq as an outgrowth of Vietnam it tends, wrongly, to allay these fears by blaming the American press for not reporting enough of its successes in Iraq.

But as I looked around Baghdad from my foxhole in 2006, I saw, by and large, fair and balanced reporting. This is a minority view within the American military, but it was and still is my foxhole view.

Story via Cursor, as usual.


Posted by Chuck Dupree at April 18, 2007 10:57 PM
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