April 18, 2007
Male Genital Mutilation

Somehow this atrocity slipped by me, but it didnít slip by Thomas Ware at Homeless on the High Desert. And so I pass this and this on.

Since thereís no date on the sites linked above I called one of the lawyers in the case to make sure that itís still current. It is, and just today Doctors Opposing Circumcision received permission to file an amicus brief before the Washington Supreme Court.

Itís no news that the law is an ass, but this case is a beaut even for Americaís legal system. Suppose the boyís father wanted his sonís ears surgically pinned back or his nose bobbed, against the boyís will. Would the judge have slapped that father silly, or what?

Or suppose the mother were a Baptist from Tennessee and the father a Moroccan Muslim, just to pick a circumcising faith at total random. Young Mohammedís foreskin wouldnít be any safer in Fort Knox than it would be in the courts of Washingon State.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at April 18, 2007 08:28 PM
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I think they did that to my newphew in the Jewish tradition (he was a decade or so younger than the kid in question). I dunno the facts, I wasn't there, but I heard that a whole group of family members went and watched the "ceremony".

So will this take place in the Jewish tradition, in which they have a big ceremony and a group of family members go and watch the rabbi perform said ceremony? If so, why isn't this considered pedophilia? Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that kid is 12 years old. Will they take pictures at said ceremony? Call in the cops! There's a crime about to take place.

Posted by: Buck on April 18, 2007 9:38 PM
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