April 07, 2007
Bush’s Role Model

Let me launch another hopeless attack on our national amnesia, focusing this time on the Republican Party’s holiest saint and George W. Bush’s spiritual father, Ronald Reagan.

It is from a series of Doonesbury strips published in 1986, well before the flood of indictments, plea bargains, sentencing and presidential pardons that were to grow out of the Iran-contra revelations. The talk show host is NPR’s (at least Gary Trudeau’s NPR) Mark Slackmeyer:

Yes, it’s time for “Sleaze on Parade!” Let’s start with Reagan appointees who resigned or were fired following charges of legal or ethical misconduct!

Here we go … “Rita Lavell, Joseph Canzeri, Louis Cordia, Michael Cardenas, Wesley A. Plummer, Mary Ann Gilleece, Fred J. Villella, Louis O. Giuffrida, James Watt, Michael Connolly, Robert Nimmo, Thomas C. Reed! Armand Reiser! Emanuel Savas! Carlos Campbell! Peter Bibko! Whoa, better pace myself…

…And continuing with Reagan officials who left office amidst charges of unethical behavior or criminal wrongdoing…Raymond P. Donovan, Anne Burford, James M. Beggs, John McElderry, Donald I. Hovde, Michael Karem, John P. Horton…

…John Hernandez, Shelby Brewer, Guy W. Fiske, John Fedders, Matthew N. Novick, Richard Mulberry, and Robert M. Perry!

And from our sleaze grab bag, Michael Deaver, William J. Casey, Michael Frost, Gerald P. Carmen, Robert Burford, Edgar Callahan, and Charles Z. Wick.

Is it fair to simply read a list of names cold? Are you getting the whole story here? Well, in all candor, probably not. So remember, these are just the guys who got caught…

…Donald Ellison, embezzled bank funds, imprisoned. Lee S. Varner, defrauded federal government of $53,500, convicted, Richard V. Allen, accepted money and watches, resigned. Ed Meese, aided financially by six persons later given federal jobs, promoted.

Good news, boys and girls. Here on the line with an opposing viewpoint is White House spokesman Larry Speakes. Speak to us, Speakes!

“NPR’s so-called ‘Sleaze on Parade’ is an outrage. The 103 appointees named are all victims of vicious smear campaigns by the liberal press. The president has total confidence in the innocence and integrity of every individual listed, with the possible exception of those behind bars.”


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at April 07, 2007 02:18 PM
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Mullah Cimoc say him ameriki so hypocrite.

him so wicked and cruel for watch zionist media control tv show and get so stupid every day.

him say him christian but never read him bible.

him christ him teach forgiving. so many usa ameriki people say i am christian but not christian-just fake it for lie and love money and the torture. also the new refrigerator and 7-11 cheese nachos.

for this all ameriki society destroy and the ameriki child girl she taking shot for destroy the reproduction organs. and usa government this forcing.

Posted by: mullah cimoc on April 7, 2007 6:09 PM

Mullah Cimoc him many off topic.

Posted by: Fast Eddie on April 7, 2007 6:45 PM

How did the American people manage to swallow this and forget?

Posted by: whig on April 8, 2007 2:02 AM

The pitch was that Reagan was asleep/senile and Bush Sr. was "out-of-the loop."

Posted by: whig on April 8, 2007 2:06 AM

Imagine what G.W. Bush's stats would look like if Reagan and Daddy Bush hadn't crapped up the entire federal judiciary with GOP hacks and if the GOP hadn't controlled both houses of congress for six years. There can be no real doubt that GWB's adminsitration has already been the crookedest in American history. They beat Harding's Teapot Dome scandal in any single week, what with the privatized plunder of Iraq and the K Street Follies. Grant was a piker compared to them; Nixon was a paragon of ethical integrity. The only rival is Reagan, and if an honest count had been possible over the last six years, Ronzo's boodlers would be small potatoes. And Bush of course not only knew this but knew it in advance; why else would one of his first moves in office been to lock up presidential archives in effective perpetuity (or at least till the statute of limitations ran out).

Posted by: CCRyder on April 8, 2007 8:50 PM
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