February 01, 2007
Kudos to Dubya

Itís rare that I have the occasion to say something good about Bush but when one comes along, Iím on it like a goose on a goober. I donít suppose an equitable and intelligent reform of our grotesque agricultural policy has a chance in the world of getting through Congress, but still Bush seems to be trying. And donít let me hear any of that partisan bickering about how he only managed to locate his balls on this issue when he didnít have to worry about the farm vote anymore.

The Bush administration yesterday proposed legislation that would reduce payments to farmers by $10 billion over the next five years and cut off support for wealthy ones entirely.

The measure, which would succeed a five-year agricultural authorization expiring at the end of this year, was described by some critics of current policy as perhaps the most reform-minded farm bill in decades.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at February 01, 2007 06:06 PM
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