February 23, 2007
A Commie Plot

Back in the fifties the fathers of today’s tinfoil hat brigade were convinced that fluoridated water was a commie plot aimed at driving good Americans like themselves insane so that they could be locked up forever by commie shrinks, the whole Freud thing being a commie plot which you could tell it was by the way all the commies in Russia locked up dissidents in their commie nuthouses.

One evening back then a reporter colleague, Sam Eastman of the old Washington Evening Star, arrived late to cover a political rally in the Virginia suburbs. Since the most nutzoid of the candidates had finished speaking, Sam passed a note up to to the platform asking for the gist of his remarks.

The candidate passed back this answer: “I spoke in opposition to mental health.”

I was reminded of this by the obituary in today’s New York Times of Dr. David B. Ast, who died earlier this month at the age of 104. He was a leader in the fight to fluoridate America’s water, which did in fact wind up driving millions of Americans insane. What else could account for Bush’s reelection?


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at February 23, 2007 03:23 PM
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Fluoridation aside, there's lots of crap in city water that I'm glad to remove with distillation.

Posted by: whig on February 24, 2007 3:21 AM

Though foil hats have long ago become passe, there are still people who are greatly concerned about flouridated water. You can read the whole story on the website of the Flouride Action Network. Funny stuff. So far as I could see, though, no reports of a partisan impact included in the effects of this most deadly substance. Beware!

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report

Posted by: Nick Kasoff - The Thug Report on February 24, 2007 11:06 AM
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