February 10, 2007
Bringing Up Baby

I think we’d all like to know a little more about Prince Frederic von Anhalt, wouldn’t we, fellows? So here goes, from the New York Times and the Times website. The first picture below is of an earlier Prince Frederic von Anhalt. I include it to show the remarkable extent to which selective breeding has improved the royal lineage. The second shows the present prince, receiving Botox injections. (My translation; the original is “…lässt sich die Falten unterspritzen.”)

Prince Frederick von Anhalt, 59, who is married to the actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, 90, told The Associated Press that he and Ms. [Anna Nicole] Smith had had an affair since the mid-1990s …

He told The A.P. that he met Ms. Smith when she approached him and Ms. Gabor at the Plaza Hotel in New York. He said this was during Ms. Smith’s 14-month marriage to the Texas oil billionaire J. Howard Marshall II, who died in 1995 at 90

Gabor, a onetime sex symbol and star of such 1950s films as ‘‘Moulin Rouge’’ and ‘‘Queen of Outer Space,’’ has been in declining health in recent years and suffered a stroke in 2005. She was partially paralyzed in a car crash in 2002.

Von Anhalt, who is Gabor’s eighth husband, said he and Smith met in the 1990s when Smith was still married to elderly oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II. He said Smith approached him and Gabor at the Plaza Hotel in New York …

He said the two started an affair soon after, meeting over the years in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. For much of that time, he said, Smith urged him to make her a princess like his wife.

But short of divorcing the actress, he said the only solution would have been adopting Smith. Von Anhalt said he did consider that and even filled out adoption papers, but Gabor refused to sign them.





Posted by Jerome Doolittle at February 10, 2007 05:00 PM
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How sad.

Posted by: whig on February 10, 2007 7:31 PM

Unterspritzen is such a great word I had to look it up.Question for German speakers--is there an uberspritzen? For instance, could you say Bush uberspritzens the Constitution or Gonzalez just ubersprat the Bill of Rights?

Posted by: CCRyder on February 11, 2007 9:01 AM

Yes, a German word 'überspritzen' exists, it means 'to overspray', like in spray painting or die casting. And no, it wouldn't make much sense to a German in this context. If anything, it would sound like a slightly obscene act, so you're not too far off ...

Posted by: on February 11, 2007 10:33 AM

Like to have been the fly on the wall when the Prince suggested to Zsa Zsa that it was time to paint the spare bedroom pink for his new baby. She may be 90 and half parlyzed but Zsa Zsa ain't ga ga.

Posted by: on February 11, 2007 11:10 AM
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