December 17, 2006

The neocons remind me of the communists and fellow travelers who, some believed, were once sprinkled through our government poised for a takeover. Neocons would be outraged to be compared to communists, since the two are far apart in political philosophy. But in methods they are alike .

Certainly the neocons deserve three As for anti-American achievement. Their radical anti-democratic philosophy is as far from mainstream American thought as was that of the communists and their fellow travelers.

The communists captured plans for the atomic bomb, whereas the neocons succeeded brilliantly in seizing the entire United States government. Surely this was a greater success than the relatively small band of American communists ever managed.

Still, the similarities in tactics are too great to miss. The slow buildup on the campuses, little subsidized magazines, a few fellow travelers in the press. Gradual movement into high positions. Brain washing the public with half truths, doubletalk and doublethink. Then finally (with Bush) outright lies. Many of the neocons, like Lenin and his followers here, envisioned world domination.

I hope that a group of real patriots will some day expose the neocons for the traitors they are.


Posted by Bill Doolittle at December 17, 2006 08:44 AM
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