December 26, 2006
It’s a Helluva Life

Now that everyone is comfortable settled in, fat, and happy after Christmas, you’ll be pleased as well laced Christmas eggnog punch to know that the movie "“It’s a Wonderful Life” was nothing but a communist plot, at least according to the FBI.

The casting of Lionel Barrymore as a “scrooge-type” resulted in the loathsome Mr. Potter becoming the most hated person in the film. According to the official FBI report, “this was a common trick used by the communists.”

“What’s interesting in the FBI critique is that the Baileys were also bankers,” said Noakes. “and what is really going on is a struggle between the big-city banker (Potter) and the small banker (the Baileys). Capra was clearly on side of small capitalism and the FBI was on the side of big capitalism.”

Hat tip to Liberal Avenger and Wise Bread.

And speaking of the present, don’t wait till the Republican interest rate crisis that’s coming comes to pass to figure this all out, most likely to be foisted upon a Democratic administration. Get prepared now.


Posted by Buck Batard at December 26, 2006 05:02 PM
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