November 29, 2006
The Trickle Down Voodoo Waterspigot Runs Out

Our friends at Slate bring to our attention the latest round of statistics regarding wealth creation in the United States. A couple of choice excerpts are below — rush on over and read the whole thing:

As they survey the ruins of the conservative movement, Republicans ponder what might have been, if only Bush hadn’t blundered so often and Congress plundered so much. A study in today’s New York Times provides shocking evidence of the latest conservative betrayal. According to the latest available IRS data, the richest Americans have fared worse under Bush than any other income group.


This is shattering news for Democrats and Republicans alike. What is the point of supply-side conservatism if it can’t even make the rich richer? For that matter, where is the joy in railing against it? Supply-side economics never made any sense to begin with, but now its logic isn’t worth the napkin it was written on. Trickle-down theory turned out to be no trickle, just down.



Posted by Buck Batard at November 29, 2006 09:59 AM
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