November 23, 2006
A Bad Attitude Thanksgiving Day Blessing

A member of Mrs. Wharton’s fourth grade class sends us Thanksgiving Cheer from a turkey’s perspective. What’s on your plate this Thanksgiving?

Why You Shouldn’t Eat Turkeys

My family and I think that you shouldn’t eat turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. We are bad for your health, we are treated mean, and there are many other foods you can eat besides us.

First, we eat many disgusting things such as worms, bugs, and poop. I don’t think the things we eat are good for you and they might make you sick. Have you ever wondered why you feel so tired after you eat turkey at Thanksgiving? Maybe it is because you have eaten worms, bugs and poop as a side dish with your turkey.

Secondly, we are treated mean. We live on crowded and dirty farms. We do not get fed well. The farmers give us shots to make us grow fast which is not good for us. Many of us suffer like this every year just so you can eat turkey on Thanksgiving. You should feel bad about eating us.

Hat tip to Eating Liberally.


Posted by Buck Batard at November 23, 2006 07:33 AM
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