October 03, 2006
A Dead Girl or a Live Boy

On learning that the House GOP leadership had just been caught in bed with a live boy, as former Louisiana governor Edwin W. Edwards once put it, I went to Google to verify the governor’s quote. One thing leading to another, I soon discovered why allegations of gayness involving a congressman named Foley had been giving me such a feeling of déjà vu these past few days.

On the same site I found an unsaintly reference to the recently sainted Jack Murtha, who was even more recently unsainted once again by the New York Times. Murtha’s fall from grace reminded me of a copygirl at the Washington Post way back when who was named Gloria Mondo. In need of a ride to New York one weekend, she put up a notice reading, “Gloria Mondo seeks transit,” which witticism you will only get if you stayed awake during Latin.

As to Tom and Mark Foley and Denny Hastert and Newtie and Denny Hastert, all I’ve personally got to add, wisdomwise, is what goes around, comes around. And about time, too.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 03, 2006 07:50 PM
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Interestingly, the religious right is using the argument that Foley would have been exposed earlier but he was gay and the Washington establishment was afraid to expose him because they needed to be politically correct. Beyond that they argue this is merely a symptom of a larger problem -- the fact that sodom and gomorroh have taken over our society.

Those on the left need to be careful with this one. After all, this is serious from the religious right's perspective mostly because Foley was gay. They don't think people should be in congress if they are gay, much less fooling around with pages. While serious, it would have been less serious if this had been heterosexual activity. If the left piles on too heavily, it might be perceived by the gay community as anti gay activity. Sure, it's about abouse of power and all that but the real draw for the masses and their associated tabloids is the man boy connection.

In D.C., the age of consent, I believe, is 16, so this gets a bit complicated. Sure, you can't send "naughty" emails soliciting sex to juveniles under 18, but there is somewhat of a disconnect here. If Foley had taken one of these pages to a motel room is D.C., it would have been legal, albeit still probably enough to get him canned.

Posted by: t on October 4, 2006 10:21 AM
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