August 04, 2006
Waiting For General Lasalle
For the first time since the beginning of the century, the American people have witnessed the calamitous consequences of full and unrestricted Republican control of the Government. It has been a record of unparalleled incapacity, dishonor and disaster. In administrative management it has ruthlessly sacrificed indispensable revenue, entailed an unceasing deficit, eked out ordinary current expenses with borrowed money, piled up the public debt by billions in what could have been a time of peace, forced an adverse balance of trade, kept a perpetual menace hanging over our beloved Social Security system, pawned American credit to alien syndicates, and reversed all the measures and results of successful Democratic rule. In the broad effect of its policy it has precipitated panic, blighted industry and trade with prolonged depression, closed factories, reduced work and wages, halted enterprise and crippled American production, while stimulating foreign production for the American market. Every consideration of public safety and individual interest demands that the Government shall be rescued from the hands of those who have shown themselves incapable of conducting it without disaster at home and dishonor abroad, and shall be restored to the party which once administered it with unequalled success and prosperity.

Sound familiar? It really shouldn’t, save for current realities, unless you happened to be old enough to have been around to have read the Republican Party Platform of 1896 . Although there were some slight modifications, I shamelessly lifted over 95% of the text above from one of its opening paragraphs.



Posted by Buck Batard at August 04, 2006 01:28 PM
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