August 03, 2006
My Connecticut Prediction

I think this one’s over. Leiberman’s not going back to the Senate.

In June, the Qunnipiac poll showed Leiberman ahead of Lamont 55 percent to 40 percent. By July 24, when Bill Clinton once again showed his true colors by campaigning with Leiberman, Lamont had 51 percent to Leiberman’s 47, a statistical dead heat given the poll’s margin of error.

In the newest poll, reported today in the Washington Post, Lamont leads 54–41.

And it’s not just because he drives a cool car.

Lieberman has been rolling through the state on his green campaign bus, dubbed “Joe’s Tomorrow Tour,” stopping at senior citizen centers, diners, restaurants, markets, construction sites and retail outlets. But he has been met by small crowds and minimal enthusiasm, save for some of his old friends in organized labor and among local elected officials.

Lamont comes to his events in a hybrid SUV and has won repeated applause from his supporters whenever he attacks Lieberman for supporting the Iraq war and for failing to stand up to President Bush.

Is that typical, or what? Joementum comes to town in a bus with an empty Clintonian slogan painted on the side. You half expect to hear a Fleetwood Mac song. What he wasn’t ready for was someone calling his bluff, and actually working for a better tomorrow, where right-wing warmongers and Israel-firsters won’t be running the show.

Of course he says he’ll run as an independent, nominated by the “Connecticut for Leiberman” party. But given the speed of the turnaround in poll numbers, I’m betting on an embarrassing loss for Leiberman in the primary, and a resulting wave of support for Lamont. I think Connecticut is ready to dump Joementum. If it looks like Lamont has a realistic chance, his support will zoom, and the polls, which are currently predicting a big win for Leiberman running as an independent, will change rapidly.

It’s hard to avoid believing that this is a pivotal race. If we can dump the DLC clone who was nominated for VP only two cycles ago, we’ll put the fear of God — in this case, the electorate — into the hearts of the DLC.


Posted by Chuck Dupree at August 03, 2006 11:01 AM
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Not if the Republicans have anything to do with it.
CT-Sen: College Republicans organizing for Lieberman

Posted by: Buck on August 3, 2006 4:50 PM

Strange things can happen in politics when the mood descends.

In 1992, Alan Dixon, Illinois's two-term US senator had never lost an election, when he was challenged by Carol Mosely-Braun, who as a result of that race became the Senate's first black woman. Dixon was a solid Democrat, but Mosely-Braun was a fresh new face. Eloquent too.

Well, she didn't turn out all that well as a senator, though she's still eloquent (and gave some of the best replies in the 2000 -- or was it 2004? -- Democratic presidential debates).

This isn't a comment on Lamont, just on how the public mood can shift toward long-term officeholders who's don't seem to be responding to their constituents.

Posted by: Lucy from the House of Joy & Truckstop on August 3, 2006 11:43 PM

Just think, this turd could have been sitting in the Vice PResidential mansion for the last six years if we had honest elections. That is, if he didn't fold like a Murphy Bed during the Florida recount and stab his running mate in the back.

Posted by: Mike G on August 3, 2006 11:51 PM

"put the fear of God...into the hearts of the DLC."

BS, everyone knows they have no heart.

Just a desire to be elected, then forgotten until the next election cycle.

There is only one party right now, Lamont enthusism notwithstanding, voting for any repub or dem just reinforces the foolishness.

Posted by: farang on August 4, 2006 12:23 AM

The election is not over yet. Here's a link to a scary bit of info:

One item from the article: about 22,000 formerly non-aligned voters have registered as Democrats. Who these people are is going to have a big impact.

Posted by: Lucy from the House of Joy & Truckstop on August 5, 2006 6:01 PM
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